Sliding Gates

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Sliding Gates

Automatic gates are extremely convenient and can be activated front as far as 20-30 meters away. The Konnect Sliding Gate motor comes with automatic locks, integrated safety bear’s, and other important security features.

Konnect offers a comprehensive range of automatic sliding gate motors ideal for both residential and commercial applications with models that range from the SM-500, 1000 to the 2000 that offer fast and efficient installation.

For assistance on the style, design or model that best suits your premises, please speak with a Konnect specialist who will aid you in choosing the perfect gate to suit your unique requirement.

  • Extra protection and security
  • Convenience
  • Increased property value, and curb appeal
  • Variety of styles and designs to match your property
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Roller Doors

Konnect utilizes the industry’s best zinc-aluminum solutions to add lasting value for both domestic and commercial constructions.

Konnect Roller doors are made of high-quality materials such as powder-coated zinc aluminum steel (AZ150). They have a ribbed appearance due to the way the metals are made and are more rust-resistant than traditional galvanised steel shutters.

Konnect roller gates ensure security while enhancing home appearance and improving space utilisation. Their robust design makes them a long-term solution capable of withstanding rough handling.

Konnect Roller doors are durable and easy to use, suitable for almost any type or size of opening. Nylon poly belt beading at the edges ensure a soundless operation while the door panels eliminate external noise. At the same time, the ventilation holes helps maintain air quality while providing an elegant appearance.

Konnect roller doors feature a state-of-the-art operating mechanism with smart automated solutions for total peace of mind.

Benefits of Konnect roller doors
  • Benefits of Konnect roller doors
  • Built-in safety measures prevent finger entrapment between panels
  • Corrosion/weather resistant due to its zinc aluminum build (Naturally resistant to rust and corrosion)
  • Automatic reverse function when obstructed, maximises safety
  • Convenience of opening the door with a press of a remote
  • Konnects Smart Door Control enables you to control the door from anywhere in the world
  • Konnect build material does not rust thus requires little more than a periodic spray with the hose to look its best
  • Can be operated during a power failure
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  • Front entry doors
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  • Energy efficient windows
  • Basement doors
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