Why Konnect

Why Konnect


Why Konnect


Why Konnect

Konnect utilizes the industry’s best zinc-aluminum solutions to add lasting value for both domestic and commercial constructions.

Konnect Roller doors are made of high-quality materials such as powder-coated zinc aluminum steel (AZ150). They have a ribbed appearance due to the way the metals are made and are more rust-resistant than traditional galvanized steel shutters.

Konnect roller gates ensure security while enhancing home appearance and improving space utilization. Their robust design makes them a long-term solution capable of withstanding rough handling.

Benefits of Konnect

  • Superior strength and fortified security
  • Built-in safety measures prevent finger entrapment between panels
  • Corrosion/weather resistant due to its zinc aluminum build (Naturally resistant to rust and corrosion)
  • Automatic reverse function when obstructed, maximises safety
  • Convenience of opening the door with a press of a remote
  • Konnect’s Smart Door Control enables you to control the door from anywhere in the world
  • Konnect build material does not rust thus requires little more than a periodic spray with the hose to look its best
  • Can be operated during a power failure


  • Konnect remote controllers, enable you to operate your roller door from your vehicle.
  • Provision for interface with building control system, additional light, wall switch, security alarm and photo infrared detector.
  • Compatible with the Konnect Smart Door Control, featuring multi-function capabilities for roller door control.
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  • High speed operation ensured by twice the operating speed with built-in safety device.
  • Follows the new design requirement for fast operating roller shutters.
  • Quick double speed function to meet today’s high expectations for roller shutters.
  • The speed operates at an average of 250 mm per second or about twice the normal shutter speed. A typical door at a height of 2500 mm is able to complete its operation in 10 seconds.


  • The automatic reverse system brings the doors to a stop in the event of an obstruction to ensure safety.
  • Ease of operating manually in care of fire or power failure.
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  • The motor is designed and built to meet ISO 9002 specifications.
  • Concerns for overheating are eliminated through fuse & circuit protection.
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  • Smooth and noiseless operation is achieved by using specially designed Zinc aluminum with anti-friction “Nylon Poly Guide” and Nylon end clips.
  • The DC24V motor is designed to operate with ultra-low noise and high efficiency.
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  • The roller door can be completely factor pre-assembled for fast site installation (control panel and motor is separated). The control panel and the motor does not need to be replaced at the same time in case of a breakdown.
  • 24/7 Customer care.
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